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She describes herself as a ‘strong woman who is able to smile the next morning though she might have cried the previous night’. True to her words Imaya Liyanage says that such courage and determination helped her make an impact in three international mini pageants in the Miss Earth 2014 competition: Miss Talent (silver medal), Beauty for a Cause (bronze medal) and the Eco Beauty Video Award. She is also Miss Global Sri Lanka Beauty Queen 2015 and had represented the country in the Miss Global Beauty Queen Pageant in South Korea last year.

Imaya is into acting and presenting too. Two of her films are to be released and she starrs in the teledrama ‘Uncle Sam’ telecast on Derana TV. An old girl of Holy Family Convent, Wennapuwa, Imaya is an entrepreneur who owns a modeling academy named Imz Glamour. Charity work is one of her greatest passions and she makes time for such deeds whenever the opportunity arises.