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Just few more days left to start a fresh year but same people, same attitudes, same dysfunctionality in most of the governmental institutions; same failures than achievements in the public sector. The indicators are that the Culture of habitual plundering of State resources continues with some politicians and their stooges. With the little belief that is left in us let’s say Happy New Year!

Almost in the same breath, we ‘see with our little mind’s eye’  in the New Year-  the heavy weight of State debt expanding further, the storm in financial crisis blowing more strongly to spread the debris from our past; and the sharpening of internal crisis within the government. Let’s turn around and observe what we produced in 2016. It was the year more rhetoric came to the public debate rather than focusing on facts and figures. Neither truth nor principles mattered in many debates. When it came to National security, the debate has been overlapped by many irrelevant issues which have demoralised the opportunities to understand ground reality.