our name’s first letter


Those familiar with the Liberal MP know to add a third “s” in the middle of her first name and that, despite the spelling, it’s pronounced “Susan Lee”, not “Suzanne Lay”.

But this confusion wasn’t always an issue for the senior frontbencher (who, to be fair, has more pressing issues to deal with at the moment anyway).

Ms Ley deliberately added a third “s” to her name when she was approaching her 20s, she revealed in a 2015 interview.

The unusual spelling didn’t draw any influence from the politician’s family or cultural background, but rather, from numerology.

“I read about this numerology theory that if you add the numbers that match the letters in your name you can change your personality,” she told The Australian.

“I worked out that if you added an ‘s’ I would have an incredibly exciting, interesting life and nothing would every be boring. It’s that simple.