Man with a Giant Silicone Parts


The size of a man’s penis plays a huge role in his self esteem.

Having a small member can proliferate feelings of being less masculine or appealing to the opposite sex.

And so, men blighted by a smaller manhood may abstain from sexual encounters – or shy away from the locker rooms at the gym.

These feelings of inadequacy can lead to depression, problems with intimacy and potentially even suicidal thoughts.

However, a Beverly Hills urologist, Dr James Elist, has developed a revolutionary penile enhancement procedure that offers new hope to men with small penises.

A silicone implant is inserted into the penis during the $13,000 (£9,000) procedure – instantly increasing the length and girth by approximately two inches.

Dr Elist told Daily Mail Online that patients have the option of choosing between three implant sizes for the procedure: Large, extra large and double extra large.

The surgeon explained: ‘Nobody wants to have a small or medium one