The film stars Chaturika Peries and impressive newcomer, Saranga Disasekera in the lead roles and it has a unique combination of some major stars led by Tony Ranasinghe, Sanath Gunatilaka and Chandanie Seneviratne to add much dramatic weight to a story, which uses teenage love as the backdrop to discuss a serious social issues. The film also has Damayanthi Fonseka, Menika Attanayake, Manjula Moragaha, Nadee Chandrasekara, Chandrasoma Binduhewa, Daya Alwis and Minister Dilan Perera in the stellar cast.

Ratagedara, who began in theatre and drifted to film in the mid seventies working in its margins found permanent employment in television when that medium emerged in the early eighties. Once more, beginning at the bottom of the ladder, Ratagedara moved up steadily to become head of the Eye Channel under the Rupavahini Corporation. He also emerged as a fully-fledged television director, creating some memorable and award-winning tele-series, like BogalaSavundiris.

Nildiya Yahana is a dream come true for talented Ratagedara who says that he started his career as a child actor in Lester James Peries’ ‘Madol Doowa’ and regularly involved in cinema playing different roles behinds the screen. “And playing the role of director was back in my mind from the very early stage of my career,”