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derana programme – boy singing

Young musician Dinesh Subasinghe has surpassed all musicians in his generation and many other senior musicians in the country too. This multi-talented young man...

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars For 2017

Though they all ride on four tires and are operated in the usual manner, they’re not cars in the strictest sense. Rather, they’re rolling...

You won’t believe what happened to her

You might have seen a lot of makeup tutorial videos that demonstrate how the power of cosmetics really works. A typical makeup transformation is...

The unbelievable iceman

Whether they are savants who can paint a masterpiece blindfolded in seconds, geniuses who can calculate numbers only a computer could, or regular people...

Best cricket funny moments ever

Despite a steely hundred from captain Mushfiqur Rahim on day four, Bangladesh couldn't get close enough to the Indian total or eat out time...

peradeniya agency

The cabinet has already approved the guidelines for maintaining buildings in public institutions as green buildings. Accordingly, the proposal made by H.E. the President...

derana tv

Road accidents have become a major cause of death, causing roughly 7 deaths each day, not to mention tens of thousands of motorists, commuters...

Qantas planes get too close; dodge each other mid-air over

1 SEE THE GRAND CANAL It's likely the almost four-kilometre Grand Canal, Venice's monumental palazzo-lined watery main street, will be a prominent feature of your...

What will happen if you don’t wear underwear

If your are clean, your chances of staying healthy increase. Well, what happens if you don't change your underwear daily? Is it healthy to...
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new ‘Cadillac One’ to be rolled out for the Donald’s inauguration

President-elect Trump will be getting a new limousine in a couple of weeks, but it won’t be the first time he’s had a stretch...

Gonorrhea / gossiplanka news

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South Africa vs Sri Lanka – 1st Test

The hosts, with two days left, are likely to put the touring side back into bat early on Thursday, leaving plenty of time to...

massaging centre Srilanka

It’s no surprise that would-be travellers often turn to Trip Advisor for the wealth of reviews from people who have actually had the experience...

mihira sirithilaka

“Ko Kukko” a hilarious play written and directed by Mihira Sirithilaka will stage two special shows at 3.30 pm and 6.45 pm on December...